Welcome to Fellowship of Companies for Christ – Nashville area

global-fcci-2013aFCCI is a nondenominational community of devout christian business leaders in over 92 countries and soon 100 cities in the US  working together to transform the world through business. Members gather weekly or monthly in groups of 8-12 to encourage and equip each other to pursue God’s purposes for our lives and our businesses. By providing an environment of accountability and authenticity among peers, members learn to apply biblical principles in every area of our lives. In addition, we benefit enormously from the wisdom and experience of those gathered around the table with us. The result: we are transformed as leaders, our businesses are transformed, and that transformation touches our sphere of influence.

The Nashville area currently has one group. Come see how FCCi can help you deepen your faith and help you apply that faith in your work-life.
Business owners, CEO’s and others who are in a position to influence the culture of their company are eligible to become a member of one of these groups. If you see the potential value of FCCi in your spiritual and business life, please contact us for more information and a personal invite to these groups.

We currently have an available opening

Please contact us for more information and a personal invite . . . . or just show up and you’ll still get a warm welcome and invitation to come back